Sadr Stone Canada was established in Canada on 2016, along with carrying years of experience of Sadr Stone Company with a rich and proud history of innovation, quality and services which has been in operation since 2004 in Tehran to manufacture antique stone and artificial stones compatible with nature

And Also Sadr Design architecture and design group which was established in 2004 with efforts and tries of Mr.Arash Sadri and cooperation of a number of tasteful architects and experienced executive contractors with the prophecy of design, monitoring and implementation of interior design projects with a different view to the efficient use of time. A view that even after more than a decade of prideful activity in designing residential, office and commercial projects is till on top of the organizational chart of this team and distinguishes the team from others in this field.

In order to grow and profit, Sadr Stone Ca. strives to provide our customers a high level of quality, service and professionalism at all times. To build our position as a leader in this industry, we manufacture various kinds, designs and patterns of antique artificial stones suitable for all usages with the latest Canadian standards, technologies and engineering. This diversity in our products all sharing the common philosophy of providing quality and innovative solutions, guarantees our customers find the product they are looking for. Our primary focus is on manufacturing stones which are the most realistic, high quality as well as being installer friendly in the market.


Dedication and loyalty:we dedicate ourselves to fulfilling all the ethical codes in business and investment to see the continuous pursuit of success.