Quick and easy installation instruction of Sadr Stone products

1-our stones can be directly applied to the surface of any clean unsealed and unpainted or untreated brick, concrete block or other masonry surface.

2-Multiply the length and height of the area and deduct all open areas such as windows and doors to obtain the required footage of stone.

3-Before starting the project, it is helpful to preplan your desired design of stones by arranging the uninstalled stones next to each other. In this way; you will have a balanced pattern of shapes, sizes and colors of the stones. Moreover, to create a better blend and combination and a more natural look you can select and mix pieces of stones from different boxes.

4-installing stones on concrete, plaster and other masonry surfaces doesn’t need metal mesh only if the whole surface is free of paint, waterproof material or plaster cover. If necessary, wash the surface with pressure and use a wire brush to line the wall.

5-install the stones from bottom to the top of the wall to prevent the mortar from pouring on the stones below. Whenever you want to press the stone in its place always slowly shake your hands so that the stone would get fixed to side to side with small displacements.  Remove the extra mortar using a trowel. If, accidentally, the mortar pour on the stones’ surface do not remove it using water since it can stain the stone. Instead, let the mortar to get completely dried and then you can remove it using a hard brush.  Please note that, in average about 5 percent of the stones will be wasted throughout the cutting and shaping process.

6- the size and shape of the stones, do the trimmings and cut off the extras : Some stones may need to be cut or reshaped to maintain the same status for joints or to be correctly placed during installation. The most accurate cuts are made through circular saws or (by milling) and they create a more polished look.

Grouting:  after installation of stones, fill the joints and the space between the stones with mortar through grouting.  Polishing the grout is the most laborious part of installation. After about 30 to 60 minutes and once the mortar is dried, remove the mortar stains by a hard and dry brush. For a plunged and traditional grouting you can use a piece of wood or another tool. When the grout is still wet do not use a brush because it stains the stones forever.

Cleaning the stones: throughout the time, the stones may get dirty. This dirt would be removed by a dense solution of soap or detergents in water and a hard brush. Do not use wire brush because it can damage the stone surface and do not clean the stone surface by acid or acid based products. We do not either recommend washing with pressure.

Sealcoat: after the installation, clean the surface by a vacuum cleaner and then by a painting brush or pump impregnate the surface of the stones with sealcoat liquid. You can repeat this stage for 2 or 3 times. It is worth noting that sealcoat coating for exterior use and façades is necessary.