Technical Information


Smart concrete components

It can be defiantly mentioned that the last achievement in concrete technology is the manufacture of smart concrete that in their production Nano materials have been used.

Among the smart concretes, we can mention the concretes that in return of energy reception (light) have the ability of self- cleaning, purification and antibacterial.


Among the major advantages of these smart concretes, that have the properties of self-cleaning and purifying the air from dangerous emissions, durability and stability can be mentioned as well; by this it is meant that those aforementioned properties would not diminish or fade throughout the time. Being non-toxic and its affordable price are considered as other advantages of these stones. Green Royal Alliance as the first manufacturer of concrete components with the properties of self –cleaning and air purifying and by localization and application of nanotechnology has successfully manufactured concrete components which can be used and applied in both interior parts and façades and if exposed to light they can practice their self-cleaning and purification properties.
Green Royal Alliance products need no detergent and only under the condition of being exposed to enough artificial light or sunlight can remove all the organic pollutions and purify themselves. This property can be well performed if the stone is water-washed or there is enough moisture.
Another benefit of these components is turning many of the pollution and harmful emissions into harmless ones. Among these harmful emissions and pollutions we can mention: organic pollutions,CO2,NH3,Sox,NOx,Ketones,aldehydes,alkanes,alkenes,organic chloride, ethers, alcohols and esters cyanide compounds and decomposition of BTEX.
Many of these compounds as toxic and dangerous compounds can be found in many cities’ air and some others are the result of degradation of polymers and plastics inside the interior area of the buildings. As mentioned before, the most important advantage of the components manufactured in this company is the durability of the aforementioned properties throughout the time; it is sometimes called Sick Building too. Moreover, these properties, if exposed to light, can be frequently repeated and they would not diminish throughout the time and it doesn’t need to be renewed either.